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St Ronans News Letter         March 19

Trixie’s Blog

How wonderful to feel a touch of Spring with this Gorgeous sunshine and daffodillies nodding!! The warmest winter ever apparently!

Our back garden has been swept and pruned and now looking almost ready for Residents to sit out with their families and enjoy their coffee and biscuits~such a treat after a long winter.

We continue to have a good entertainment all week and a good Sing Song. Also our Quiz lady Mandy is very popular and our Residents have such good knowledge making this a very exciting hour.

At the end of February was our “Oscars” afternoon with luxury nibbles. It was a great success with our Residents being awarded an Oscar for outstanding achievements either during their lives or here at St Ronans.

Such excitement and we even had a “Red Carpet"!

Thank you to Peter Gleeds family Derek and Julie for all the wonderful things you bring us and just for coming to share our days. So much appreciated xxx

Our lovely vicar Bob still comes regularly to give communion and individual blessings and the Residents love that.

Huge thank you’s for all your continuous and loving support-it means a great deal to us. Please continue to write feedback forms and pop them into Matron’s brown box in the lobby where you sign in.

With my love and blessings.

Trixie xxx


CQC Inspection

Our latest CQC report states that some areas require improvement.

Our report can be found by following the CQC link on our website

As you know, at St Ronans, we believe in constant improvement.  Mistakes and lapses happen to us all, sometimes when under scrutiny – so be it, and we are mortified. But, we have already taken action to remedy the issues highlighted in the report. We are still the home you love and trust, and believe we are even better now. Please contact us to see what we have achieved.


March and April Birthday Wishes For

March Birthdays:  Shirley, Effie, Roselyn                                           April Birthdays: Colin, Brenda, Barbara



A warm welcome to Liam, Tom and Megan, we hope they enjoy working as part of our team.


Our Website

Our website is packed full of helpful and exciting news – and pictures galore!


Infection Control

Our Infection Control Lead Nurse is Lynn Taylor. Please remember to always use the alcohol gel when arriving and leaving the Home, wash your hands regularly and if you feel poorly or have an infection check with the Home before visiting.


Dates For Your Diary

28th February     Residents Trip out, Grace Singing

1st March            Tea for Two; Janet and Matthew Singing

4th March            Leah Hairdressing, Amanda Singing

5th March            Debbie H Singing, Sally Vitalyz

6th March            Leah Hairdressing, Paul Nicholas Singing, Pancake Afternoon.

7th March            Residents Trip out, Cooking with Trixie.

8th March            Lee Singing

11th March          Leah Hairdressing

12th March          Lallie Singing, Sally Vitalyz

13th March          Leah Hairdressing, Mandy Quiz

14th March          Residents Trip out

15th March          Red nose day, Mel Singing

18th March          Helen Singing

19st March          Debbie C Singing, Sally Vitalyz

20th March          Leah Hairdressing, Beth Singing

21rd March         Residents Trip out

22nd March         Tea for Two; Janet and Matthew Singing

25th March          Leah Hairdressing, Miranda Saxophone

26th March          Bob Communion, Sally Vitalyz

27th March          Leah Hairdressing, Mandy Quiz

28th  March          Residents Trip out

29th March          Grace singing


1st April               Alice with Harps

2nd April               Sally Vitalyz, Beth singing

3rd April               Linnie Fashion Show and Posh Tea Party, Leah Hairdressing

4th April               Residents Trip out

5th April               Becci Singing

8th April               Mature Movers, Miranda Saxophone

9th April               Cooking with Trixie and Quiz, Sally Vitalyz

10th April             Leah Hairdressing, Mandy Quiz

11h April             Residents Trip Out

12st April             Tea for Two; Janet and Matthew Singing

15th April             Lee Singing

16th April             Lallie Singing, Sally Vitalyz

17th April             Leah Hairdressing, David Swing Mix

18th April             Residents Trip out

19th April            Grace Singing

22nd April            Becci Singing

23rd April             Leah Hairdressing, Amber wild Science Fluffy Animals, Sally Vitalyz

24 rd April            Mandy Quiz

25 th April            Carousel That’s Entertainment

26th April             Amanda Singing

29th April             Leah Hairdressing, Miranda Saxophone

30th April             Helen Singing, Sally Vitalyz


Comments and Complaints

If you have any comments, concerns or complaints, please have a chat with Matron as soon as possible, alternatively leave a note in the post box.

Monthly surgeries for residents, relatives & friends and staff run every month, please see signs for dates and times. Remember Matron’s door is always open.


We would welcome any comments or articles written by residents, relatives, friends & staff.


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