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St Ronans Schedule of Fees 1st April 2021- 31st March 2022


It is important to realise that you pay substantially less than the total fee we receive, because the government contributes towards the cost of nursing care.

Standard and Twin Rooms

Starting at        £158.20 per day plus Funded Nursing Care Contribution

 Premium Rooms 

Starting at         £174.11 per day plus Funded Nursing Care Contribution


Standard and Twin Rooms

Starting at          £149.47 per day

 Premium Rooms                                                           

Starting at         £166.16 per day

Room Only

(i.e. resident wishes to occupy a twin room as a single)

1st bed at the resident's agreed rate, i.e. £158.20 plus FNC per day nursing rate or £149.47 per day residential rate.
2nd bed £97.80 per day

Total cost of twin room for one resident starts at

  • Nursing - £256.00 plus FNC per day
  • Residential - £247.27 per day
  • To Hold a Room:- £100.00 per day

"Very impressive care and concern from ALL staff"


Mike Dyer

Social Services Funded Care

If Social Services are wholly or partially funding your relative’s placement at St Ronans, funding levels must be discussed with your Social Worker who will then liase with St Ronans directly. A Third Party Contribution may be required.

The above fees may vary, depending on particular assessments of your needs and circumstances.

Short Stay / Respite Care

Watch this space for availability of short stay / respite beds.  Note, because of the nature of our business, these will only be available at quite short notice

Please call the Registered Manager to discuss possible discounted rates, subject to a full needs assessment

Have you  ever considered short stay / respite care?  Well, now you can give yourselves  (and your loved one!) a break for a very modest amount, safe in the knowledge that they will receive the excellent service all our clients receive.  

This could also be a chance to try a care home and see for yourself the advantages of a care home setting:

  • Regular nutritious meals
  • Regular activities
  • Nurses on hand (even for personal care only residents)
  • Company
  • Etc

For many people, once overcoming the initial fear of the unknown, the experience of a care home can be an unforgettable one – and they may not want to leave! 

St Ronans Nursing and Residential Care Home
23-31 St Ronans Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 0PP

Registered Manager and Nurses: 023 9273 3359   -   Finance and Admin: 023 9273 4259